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President's Blog; Spring 2024

April 12, 2024

President's Blog; Spring 2024

Our team goes the extra mile for you! Presidential elections often make businesses uncertain about the future, however, we know that regardless of who ultimately is elected we all want safety.

For more than a century, our family-owned community bank has been providing certainty. We listen to our customers to give them what matters most. It starts with the trust you get from dealing with real people. Personalized service at our six Northeast Kansas locations and no-wait online banking. But mostly, it comes down to safety for your future.

Our team responds to your needs because we have a strong commitment to customer satisfaction – providing safety, trust and personal service.

What sets us apart from other banks is the overall quality of services that we hold ourselves accountable for. People can bank many places but the reason they keep coming back here is the way they are treated. It is the way we make them feel at home. We want to make them feel like family the minute they come through our doors, to when they leave our drive through and beyond. That’s what makes Silver Lake Bank the place to be.

If anyone is looking for a community bank that prioritizes personalized service and has a long-standing history of safety and stability, they should consider Silver Lake Bank as a trustworthy option.

Remember, your feedback is important, so don’t hesitate to share your experiences through the bank’s online survey. It’s a valuable opportunity to contribute to the bank’s ongoing dedication to its customers. Scan this QR code to access the survey: You can also visit this address online:

Patrick R. Gideon

President and CEO

SLB-Q2 2024 Spring Newsletter