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Silver Lake Bank promotes safe online banking with products and services that maximize security, customer education and best practices. We care about you, your banking relationship and protecting your money.

How we Protect Customers with Online Banking Services

Keeping you safe is our priority! Cybersecurity is a critical component in how we do business every day. Silver Lake Bank uses a secure web address, indicated by our web address that starts with ‘HTTPS’ rather than ‘HTTP’. This lets you know that communication between your browser and our web server is secured through an SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) creating an encrypted link for communication. We use a variety of features to authenticate you as the user such as security questions and security codes delivered by text message or email. Secure messaging is available to you via online banking or through our website. Excessive login attempts will lockdown access to online banking – our way of preventing a brute-force attack by hackers. 

Our Staff Strives to Keep you Safe

SLB staff are continually trained and tested on cybersecurity and prevention of identity theft. Our Information Technology Department is tasked with ensuring our staff are armed with security knowledge and tools. We work hard to stay alert and informed to guard against unauthorized access to confidential information. Know that when we ask you additional questions to confirm identity, it’s because we’ve got to get it right every time. We value your trust and aim to keep it!

SLB Products and Services that Protect

  • Consumer Identity Theft Monitoring and Restoration – Services include credit bureau and dark web monitoring, real-time alerts, breach intelligence, ID theft insurance and restoration
  • Extended business hours support – Emergency help available most evenings and Saturday afternoons
  • Real time online banking alerts – Receive notifications for withdrawals and deposits
  • Zix Secure Email – Email from SLB containing personally identifiable financial information is delivered via our Secure Message Center.
  • DocuSign – Sign SLB agreements electronically and securely from your device.
  • E-Delivery of statements & notices – receiving account information through secure email avoids the threat of mailbox theft
  • Digital Wallet – Eliminate the need to carry your physical debit or credit card by storing payment information securely using encryption
  • Business ACH origination, wire transfer and Positive Pay – cash management service allows multiple user IDs with defined security levels + additional security steps to combat fraud