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President's Blog; Fall 2022

November 01, 2022

We’ve enjoyed the blessings of babies’ births recently at Silver Lake Bank. Babies are awe-inspiring and carry with them the hopes and dreams of loved ones as well as their various communities of others who care and wish only the best for them. Each child will have its own individual and creative path in life. Similarly, each of us as adults takes our own path in life. Silver Lake Bank wants to be a partner with you in your journey, too.

Whether your dream is to acquire property, build a home, open a new business or something yet to be unimagined, SLB specializes in inspiring financial confidence in individuals, entrepreneurs, families, businesses, organizations and others to make their dreams a reality. We’ve been investing in our community and bringing your aspirations to life for more than 110 years. We appreciate your trust in us to help super-charge and accelerate your hopes and dreams with financial support as well as a longterm relationship.

We appreciate your ongoing partnership and are deeply grateful when you make a referral of a friend who may also have some hopes and dreams in need of a financial boost. This strengthens our collective family and helps us continue to positively transform our communities.

Our bank family has grown recently to better serve you. Following the recent retirement of Kay Graham Scott as our Senior Vice President after 21 years of dedicated leadership at the bank, we’ve added some new staff members: a Customer Relationship Manager, Marketing and Communications Manager as well as a Market President for our newest branch expected to open later this year in Overland Park. You can read more about them and other leadership changes in this newsletter.

Rather than the one-and-done behavior of some transactional relationships, we care about you and your dreams, and we work hard every day to find bold and creative solutions to the challenges you face. If you are creating a new business along the burgeoning animal health corridor, expanding your farm operation, acquiring vehicles or equipment to expand an existing business, you can feel confident in knowing that Silver Lake Bank is the entrepreneurs’ choice as a trusted partner. We love financing fantastic futures and still will be here when those newborn babies are ready to make their dreams come to life, too!

We champion what matters most to you because you matter the most to us – today, tomorrow and beyond.

Thank you for banking at SLB.
Patrick R. Gideon