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Important information about restrictions on your debit card.

May 01, 2017

Silver Lake Bank has updated previous set blocks on transactions in Virginia, Maryland, New York and Florida. Remaining blocks include the following:

  • International card present transactions. EMV transactions will work, as well as PIN and ATM transactions.
  • International, card not present transactions (online transactions). Transactions may be declined due to Visa's risk scoring, due to fraud trends.
  • In addition, transactions on bookstores based out of Florida will be blocked for debit cards beginning with numbers 435951001.

Protecting your account information is our highest priority. Our fraud monitoring service is actively monitoring the activity on your account. If we suspect fraud, you will be contacted directly to resolve it. Your card may be suspended if we can’t contact you.

What you can do to help – Make sure the bank has a phone number where we can reach you as well as a current email address. Know your personal identification number (PIN) for your debit card. The bank may have to restrict your card to PIN use only. If you have questions, need a new PIN, or to supply us with a phone number and email address, please call 1.877.232.0102 during business hours. We encourage you to closely monitor your account for unusual activity through Silver Express Internet Banking or Express Mobile Banking. Debit card alerts are available through our mobile banking at no charge to you.

After hours, weekends or holidays, please call the phone number on the back of your debit card (1.800.791.2525) to close your card immediately due to fraudulent charges. We recommend you add this phone number as a contact on your smart phone or address book.