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Customer Security

Always safeguard your personal banking information such as account numbers, checks, statements, bank cards and contract copies. Please contact a Silver Lake Bank branch immediately if your checks or bank cards are missing or stolen.

Important information about current debit card restrictions in Florida

Customers can use SLB debit card or ATM card at an ATM AND can make purchases at point-of-sale with a PIN (personal identification number). Blocked transactions include some signature and online purchase transactions.

Protecting your account information is our highest priority. Our fraud monitoring service is actively monitoring the activity on your account. If we suspect fraud, you will be contacted directly to resolve it. Your card may be suspended if we can’t contact you.

What you can do to help – Make sure the bank has a phone number where we can reach you as well as a current email address. Know your personal identification number (PIN) for your debit card. The bank may have to restrict your card to PIN use only. If you have questions, need a new PIN, or to supply us with a phone number and email address, please call 1.877.232.0102 during business hours. We encourage you to closely monitor your account for unusual activity through Silver Express Internet Banking or Express Mobile Banking. Debit card alerts are available through our mobile banking at no charge to you.

After hours, weekends or holidays, please call the phone number on the back of your debit card (1.800.791.2525) to close your card immediately due to fraudulent charges. We recommend you add this phone number as a contact on your smart phone or address book.

What to do if your debit card or ATM card is stolen

During both regular and non-business bank hours

Call Silver Lake Bank immediately at 1.877.232.0102 and report the incident. You may also contact your Silver Lake Bank branch. The bank will close your existing card and reissue a new card.

During non-business hours

  • Step #1: Safeguard your account by blocking your card immediately. Blocking is an action that changes your card status from open to closed and denies user access to funds. To "block" your card, please call 1.800.791.2525 to report your card as lost or stolen. You will be asked to provide the Silver Lake Bank name along with your first and last name. For security reasons, you will be asked to confirm your identity. Silver Lake Bank has partnered with the TransFund Network to provide ATM and Debit Cards, as well as ATM and Point-of-Sale access for our customers.
  • Step #2: Also, send us an e-mail with your contact information and we will work with you promptly to reactivate or re-establish your access.

What to do if your checks are stolen

During both regular and non-business bank hours

Call Silver Lake Bank immediately at 1.877.232.0102 and report the incident to a Customer Service Representative. If the bank is closed, you may leave a detailed message and a Customer Service Representative will return your call the next business day.

Unlocking your Silver Express Internet Banking Access

Call Silver Lake Bank at 877.232.0102 or any Silver Lake Bank branch during regular business hours and a Customer Service Representative can unlock your account. 

Activating your ATM or Debit Card

You may activate your ATM or Debit Card by performing a transaction using your new PIN (personal identification number) at any Silver Lake Bank ATM or by calling the phone number indicated on the sticker on the card itself. Remove the sticker after activaton. You may also call us at 877.232.0102 during regular business hours and we will activate the card for you.

Protecting Yourself at the ATM

Remember these tips when visiting the ATM.

  • Park in well-lit areas close to the ATM or select a drive-up ATM. Stay in the safety of your car.
  • If using a drive-up ATM, be sure passenger windows are rolled up and your doors are locked.
  • Shield the keypad with your hand or body while entering the personal identification number.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, especially after dark.
  • If you notice anything suspicious, use another ATM or return later.
  • Report any crimes immediately to law enforcement officials.