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Silver Lake Bank Switch Kit

It's easy to switch to Silver Lake Bank. Simply print any forms below pertaining to your particular situation. Bring the completed forms with you when you open your new account. Or, we will be happy to complete them for you at your direction.

Follow these four simple steps:

(Click form names to open & print)

  1. Open a new account(s) with Silver Lake Bank.
  2. Complete an Automatic Payment Authorization for each type of automatic payment automatically deducted from your checking account.
  3. Complete a Direct Deposit Authorization for each direct deposit.
  4. Close your account(s) with your old bank. Allow time for outstanding checks to clear and automatic payments and deposits to come through your new Silver Lake Bank account. Then, simply complete the Account Closing Authorization letter requesting a balance transfer to your new account at Silver Lake Bank. Or, let us do it for you!

Here are links to switch kits by community: