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Financial Condition

Condensed statement of financial condition as of December 31, 2018*.


 Cash & Due From Banks $5,783,000 
 Federal Funds Sold
      US Gov’t & Federal Agency 38,993,000 
      Municipal 15,564,000 
      Other 28,000 
 Loans (Net) 203,160,000
 Bank Building and Fixtures 2,513,000 
 Other Assets 2,645,000 
 Total Assets $268,686,000 

Liabilities and Capital

 Deposit Accounts $215,652,000 
 Repurchase Agreements 16,752,000 
 Federal Funds Purchased 1,019,000 
 Other Liabilities 3,456,000 
 Total Liabilities $236,879,000 
 Capital Stock 150,000 
 Surplus 1,000,000 
 Undivided Profits 30,657,000 
 Total Equity Capital $31,807,000 
 Total Liabilities & Capital $268,686,000 


Silver Lake Bank has always been a well-capitalized bank and we continue this tradition even in a very challenging economic environment. We have maintained capital at two times what is required by regulators to be considered a well-capitalized institution. Silver Lake Bank has served our community for over 100 years and will continue that service by making loans in our local community.

Eric M. Donaldson

Chief Financial Officer